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Lanai Shades

  Motorized shades for your lanai are a smart option.  The offer a reduction in the sun's heat and glare, and protection from UV rays to hep with fading of outdoor furnishings.  Privacy is a great benefit while still allowing for ventilation. 

Lanai on the lake...inside looking out.

Your lanai motorized shades will make you and your guests comfortable and allow you to use your space year round. If you're not sure what quality options could work for your needs, call us.  We can come on site to you, or you can visit our showroom.  

Lanai on the Lake - outside looking in

Get the most enjoyment out of your lanai with premium motorized shade systems.   The benefits include: 

  • Privacy, Folks cant see in while your still enjoying the view.
  • Weather protection, keep your guests dry and shut out from the quick Florida storms.  
  • Bug prevention. No need to slather up with bug spray, simply keep them out and away from your party.
  • Dust and pollen protection, helping to keep your space clean.
  • Furniture, cushions and other items protected from UV rays.
  • Keep heat in during those brief cold months.